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Jackie Colson-Miller

Jackie Colson-Miller, CIPS
Direct - (813)629-5757
Homeward Real Estate
3401 Henderson Blvd
Tampa, FL 33609
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14 responses to “Ask Jackie A Question”

  1. What does one have to do to spend an enchanting hour at lunch with someone as lovely and charasmatic as yourself?

  2. Aaahh…great question! You have to ask me an AMAZING question this week and be willing to fly to Budapest for lunch!

  3. Housing Market in Bucharest says:

    Jackie, I have been told there are great deals on properties in Bucharest, however the quality of life is not great. Since you are in the area, what is your input.

    Happy Trails, Jeff Long

  4. Donna Pope says:

    So, how FAR DOES the dollar go in Budapest?Hope you’re
    having a great time.
    Donna Pope

  5. brian burden says:

    Jackie- I am so envious. I travelled to Budapest three years ago and stayed at the Hilton. Be sure to go down to the wine cellar for a wine tasting. There are aslo river boat tours which give you great photo ops of the Parliament,the Old City and the lighted bridge over the Danube.

  6. Bruce says:

    I heard about that parking crook in Europe. It’s about time. Are you getting my votes?
    All the best,

  7. How can I find previous email “newsletters” of yours? Specifically the one from a week or two ago about the changes in the FAR9?

  8. Melanie:

    There are two ways to find previous articles by topic:
    1. Look at the list of categories on the right sidebar, or
    2. enter the topic you are looking for in the “search” box on the upper right. If you type in “contract”…all articles about contracts will appear. Thanks for reading!

  9. HI Jackie,
    I have a question as I am new to blogging, do you send out a blog instead of a newsletter? It seems a lot more interesting, organic and interactive than a newsletter.. How does one start a real estate blog from a practical and technological standpoint? I like the fact you are not afraid to state your opinions and let the chips fall where they may! Keep on sharing! Hilary

  10. Rex Dixon says:

    Hello Jackie,

    I represent Criteo. We are trying to build the community of real estate blogs. I’d like to see your blog install the Criteo AutoRoll.

    You can find it here:

    If you have any questions, please drop me an e-mail and I can answer them for you!


  11. Judy Arnold says:

    Jackie, I enjoyed your blog I found accidentally today while researching advertising. You are in a business that advertises, even though I’m not (yet) in the Tampa market, I’m not too far away in Orlando area and am off to a slow start trying to woo dollars away from potential clients for what I believe is a great demographic. Would you,if you could find a moment look at my site, and tell me your thoughts? I believe that I’ll get there eventually, but if you have some pointers or concerns I would appreciate getting them.
    Thank you! I’ll keep reading, Judy.

  12. Mouty says:


    Je suis français et souhaiterais connaitre des informations fiscales liés aux investissements immobiliers en Floride.

    Fiscalité au moment de l’achat
    Fiscalité liée aux plus value en cas de revente
    Fiscalité lié

  13. Michael Schumer says:

    Hi Jackie, Love your site. Thx for all the education, that I have learned. It has helped me a lot.
    Jackie can you comment on the legal responsibility of a Real Estate Broker not disclosing or withholding infomation on a rental home lets say. If that home was under foreclosure when rented. With no Advertisement that it was a home under foreclosure.
    This actually happened to our neighbor who has since moved on.

    Thank you Jackie, Michael

  14. Charles says:


    Have you heard about this one? A marketing executive with WCI Communities just released a novel that satirizes the real estate bubble burst in South Florida. The book is called “Ocean Raton” and it’s about this struggling condo in Pompano Beach that brings in strippers to try and sell … and that’s just the beginning. You’re sure to recognize some characters from around the business in this one.

    Crazy stuff. I just finished reading it – as painfully bizarre and funny as it is true.
    Keep up the good work!