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Archive for April, 2007

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Best Question Winner This Week

Filed under: Ask Jackie A Question, Real Estate News

This week’s winner is Neal Shupbach. Neal asked me questions every day during my International Specialist training adventure and is surely deserving of a lovely lunch with Ms. Sizzle!

Don’t forget…the best question or comment each week wins a prize. It’s usually lunch with Ms. Sizzle and I would really enjoy it if you live in Paris…or Buenos Aires…or Montreal…just ask me a question, wherever you live!

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Florida Realtors…Contact Your Representative About Our Property Tax Reform

Filed under: Florida Real Estate, Real Estate News

The Florida Legislative Session on Tax Reform is winding to a close. If you are a Real Estate Agent in Florida, please contact your State Representative via this link and urge him/her to vote for Tax Reform!

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Encroachments…Getting a Little Too Close to Your Neighbor?

Filed under: Buyers, Florida Real Estate, Project Blogger, Real Estate News, Sellers

Encroachments can sneak up on you right before closing. Or worse, at the closing table. It could be a fence that is slightly over the neighbors property line. It could be a driveway that was incorrectly poured over the property line.Fen_ce Any time human error is involved in construction, there is the opportunity for an encroachment.

Properties that have been subdivided over the years are often the source of an encroachment. I recently had a contract on a rural lakefront property with a septic system. During the inspection process, which included a septic inspection, it was discovered that the septic drainage field was located in the neighbors yard. Researching the title revealed that the adjacent parcels were originally owned by the same person and when they were divided, no legal document was filed to deal with an easement for the drainage field. The current owner refused to sign a legal document for an easement and the seller of the contracted property didnt think the issue of the drainage field was important, and failed to disclose it to her agent, or the buyers. Que_estionNeedless to say, the situation was a mess. All of this could have been avoided if the listing agent had asked more in-depth questions about the property when she listed it.

Listing agents have a responsiblity to explain what an encroachment is to a seller and ask if there are ANY boundary issues related to the property and get copy of an existing survey. Buyers agents should insist that a survey is done early enough in the buying process to check for any problems that may require an easement agreement, or an exception to the survey.

Then, there are the people that encroach upon your space on an airplane, which was my inspiration for this post. If someone is too big for one airplane seat, shouldn’t they have to buy another one? I say, if we check to see if a ‘carry on bag” fits certain dimensions, then why can’t people have to fit the seat dimensions? Being politically correct has gone much too far, when it infringes on the rights of the adjacent passenger. What do you think about that?

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Four Leads this Week…It’s Time to Get Back to the U.S.

Filed under: Real Estate News have successfully completed my Certified International Property Specialist classes in Europe and am heading back to the U.S. tomorrow.

Today, I am enjoy a little of the local flavor in PRAGUE

Blogging while studying and traveling has had its challenges, but the fabulous architecture and great networking has given me plenty to talk about. Ive had plenty of video bloopers that I will save for another day!

Most exciting, I generated four leads from blogging this week. Two people interested in buying Real Estate in Austria and two listing leads. Sound like a great week to me!

My next International Conference is in the works, so stay tuned

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Live Without a Car…In Europe

Filed under: Architecture, International Real Estate, Project Blogger, Real Estate News, Where is Jackie Now?

]Living in a large city in Europe, like Vienna, or Prague, can mean life Met_rowithout a car. European cities are pedestrian-friendly, bicycle-friendly and have well-designed inner-city transportation. Subways, Trams and buses can transport you across the city in a matter of minutes. Often, trying to cross the city by car can take four times as long as traveling by subway!

Traveling from country to country is just as easy. Train schedules are filled with many trains each day to various cities across the continent. Express trains can cross several countries in a matter of hours. When I lived in Switzerland, I was just 5 hours from Paris and Milan.

It was easy to hop an early train and shop for the day, venturing back home that night. It is nice to sit back and enjoy the countryside, or enjoy a meal in the dining car.

Tgv_trainSo, the next time I climb into my SUV for a little road trip, I will be longing for that TGV train with the champagne on board!

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Prague is a Wonderful City…Especially at Night

Filed under: Real Estate News

I am off for another day of exploring the City of Prague and admiring the incredible variety of architectural styles and intricate designs dating back to medieval times. The old town is still intact after centuries of wars, but Prague saw little of the bombing raids that were so prevalent during World War II. As a result, it is one of the few cities in Europe that has so many of its original structures. From any city square, you can see buildings ranging from the 14th century to the 18th century. It is a beautiful city.

PraguebldgReal Estate in the old town is very desirable. Many old buildings have been lovingly restored and it is a unique and wonderful city to live in. Gothic and Baroque styles dominate the old city, while the newer city is filled with neo-modernism and contemporary styles. Prices in the city start around $250,000 for a small flat and range into the 1 million range for a large apartment in a desirable neighborhood. Living outside the city is easy, and less expensive. A small home in the suburbs of Prague would be in the 250 450K range.


Crossing the Charles Bridge at night is one of the most beautiful sights in the City. This bustling place is filled with pedestrians well into the wee hours of the morning.

One of the newest countries in the European Union, Prague has already become one of the most desirable cities in which to live!

If you are interested in property in Prague, Vienna, or anywhere in the World, I can help!

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Filed under: International Real Estate, Project Blogger, Real Estate News

Prague is Prag_uean incredible city situated on both sides of the Vltava river. The historical center has six distinct quarters, which were once independent cities: Josefov, Old Town, New Town, Little Quarter Hradcany and Vysehrad. A mix of many architectural styles, from Baroque to Modern, Castles to Office buildings, this city has been dubbed the Paris of Eastern Europe .


Properties in Prague are in high demand, but Prague is still a relative bargain compared to the rest of Europe. A member of the European Union, the Czech Republic has not yet converted to the Euro. Once the Euro takes hold, the prices will rise, some predict, as much as 30% just in the currency conversion. Prices in Prague Centre range from $250,000 to over a Million, depending on the size and location of the apartment.


Foreigners can set up a limited liability company called an S.R.O.The S.R.O. can then buy the property. Mortgages are available, but generally for 70% Loan to Value, or less.

It is truly a beautiful city to visit, or to live.

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Gasometer City…Unique Architecture in Vienna

Filed under: Architecture, International Real Estate, Project Blogger, Real Estate News

Most of the architecture in Vienna is ornate, with Gothic, Baroque Gasometerand Greek influences, many buildings dating back to the 1600s.

One of the most unique residential developments, which breaks from tradition, in Vienna, is Gasometer City . Originally built during the late 19th century as four round, brick, gas storage tanks, which stored all of the gas for the city, the tanks sat abandoned for many years after natural gas was piped into the city. Rather than being destroyed, some innovative architects designed a self-contained, multi-use complex using the four gas tanks as the exterior walls for the new development. I was fascinated, as I toured “tank after tank”…what a great idea!

The interiors were removed and rebuilt to include 254 flats, 76 student residences, office space, retail and entertainment. The four tanks were connected by walkways and the interior spaces are large, open atriums. Gaso_meter

This highly successful development project, close to the Prater, was completed in 2001 at a cost of 150 Million Euros. With great access to the city via the U-bahn, It has become a popular place to live outside the center.

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Is Your Real Estate Blog Reaching Your Target?

Filed under: Project Blogger, Real Estate News, Where is Jackie Now?

My blog is heavily focused on the International Market, in addition to my local real estate market in Tampa and Florida. This week, my features have been on the Real Estate Market in Vienna.

I am thrilled with the weekss visitors, with over 35% coming from the International Market, including Austria, The Netherlands, Germany,Andalucia, Canada, Sweden, Italy, France, China and more!

I have introduced blogging to my colleagues in Austria and they have been intrigued by the concept and are visiting my site in record numbers!

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Real Estate is About Building Relationships…Get Out Of Your Box and See The World

Filed under: Project Blogger, Real Estate News

I am Social Realtor . You wont find me knocking down FSBO doors, or making cold calls. My forte is networking. I love to be out and about meeting new people and connecting them to my clients and the other people in my life. Over 80% of my business comes from previous clients, or someone in my sphere .

This week I am in Vienna making some incredible U.S. and International Connnections with Real Estate agents and appraisers from BoxEurope and several from the U.S. We are spending a week together studying, traveling, sightseeing and dining together, learning about each others markets and creating lasting friendships and connections that will create business opportunities around the World. Everyone wants to do business with someone they know and trust. I chose this location for my CIPS class very carefully. While I could have taken the class in my comfort zone, the U.S., that was not the best place to network for my International Business. One of the agents here has already referred a client to me. I can trace over 3 Million dollars in business to one of my International connections in the U.S.Bu_lb

The agents in Europe are fascinated with my new blog, because the blogging craze hasn’t caught on here yet, and I have already referred two people to King Cronin for their own Tomato Blogs!

Get movingget out of your boxsee the Worldget some education and some business in new placesand have some fun along the way!

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