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Fluff goes in my Fluffernutter, Not on My Blog

Big_fluffI love Fluff! That ooey, gooey Marshmallow Creme that is the key ingredient in a Fluffernutter . For those of you from New England, you know exactly what I mean. Take 2 slices of Wonder Bread. Spread Peanut Butter on one slice and Fluff on the other. Slap them together and voila Fluffernutter! Delicious! Wash it down with a glass of ice cold milk. This masterful creation was the staple in lunch bags when I grew up in the 60s. It was the hot commodity for trading! I wonder how many mothers who sent Johnny off to grammar school with a bologna sandwich and an apple, realized that, every day, he would try to trade them for a fluffernutter! I was never coerced into such a transactionjust a mere glimpse into my future, in an industry filled with tough negotiations!

Fluff just creates such controversy! Last year a Massachusetts legislator sought to ban Fluffernutters from the school lunch menus claiming they had no nutritional value! Pshaw! Ill put a fluffernutter up against pseudo chicken nuggets any day! One of his colleagues retaliated with some fluff of her own and introduced legislation to make the Fluffernutter the State Sandwich! Not long ago, the fluff banning legislator abandoned his political career for a job in private Health Care Administration! Was it the Fluff that sent him packing??? Do you think the insurance rates will be higher for Fluff eaters? I am certain of one thingmany 60s and 70’s children are still Flu_fsecret Fluff-eaters!

I decided, when I started blogging, that I wanted to have a blog that was a resource for my target audience. I set out to design a colorful, enticing site, that was a reflection of my personality, with plenty of links and resources related to real estate, locally and internationally. I wanted my articles to give the reader some worthwhile information and give them a glimpse of me the person within the real estate agent. The World Traveler. The International Real Estate specialist. The Juggling Mom. Last week, I read a great article on Coachezines about your writing personaI decided that I was a combination of expert and storyteller I am very analytical and logical, but I have a great sense of humor. I want my writing to have interesting, useful, and factual information, peppered with some fun. I like my audience to ask questions, that cause me to do more research on a subject. Ive really enjoyed writing about the Property Tax reform in Florida, because the more research I did, the more I realized how little real information the public was getting on the subject from the local media. I could have chosen to rant about high property taxes, but I believe in trying to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. As, a result, over 20% of my traffic and the majority of my Google searches are coming from readers looking for information on Florida Property Taxes. I have reached my audiencebig time! Without a trace of fluff

I could write about local events in Tampa, but that IS what the local paper writes about. I could tell you to watch out for alligators in a new subdivisions pond, or not to swim in fresh water, but, DUHthis IS Florida.home of the Gators and the Tampa Tribune loves put alligator attacks ahead of world news! I will write about many of my Favorite Places in Tampa and Florida in some of my

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7 responses to “Fluff goes in my Fluffernutter, Not on My Blog”

  1. Linda Davis says:

    I have a friend who’s kid ate fluffernutter sandwiches everyday for lunch but with no peanut butter. I guess that would make it just a fluffer sandwich although I think she added jelly. I suspect, with all that sugar, she was wired for the rest of the day.

    Very nice job on your blog!

  2. I never heard of this sandwich but will run the idea past my kids and see what the reaction will be!

  3. Fifika says:

    Being from the South…I always had them with banana slices added to the middle. Does that make it a Fluffana?
    Yes your girlfriends are blonde and enjoy a sense of humor.

  4. Maureen Z. says:

    Great piece! It’s like sitting across the table from a really interesting friend….Lots of great ideas, and the flow of thoughts keep one wanting to know the NEXT conjecture or factoid…

  5. jeff long says:

    WOW, I grew up in PA, in the 60’s and almost washed Fluff out of my mind. It was always a toss up between Fluffernutter and Sliced Tomato on Mayo and Wonderbread.

    As a parent, I would ban Fluff, as a grandparent, I would keep plenty around for the grandkids

    As you lived in Europe, what about Nutello. Another childhood classic.

    Thanks for the memories

  6. Nutella was a big thing in Switzerland…I never got into it. I was too busy eating fondue and raclette!

  7. Sock Puppet says:


    if you ever DO want fluff…

    if only for a moment…

    Come visit me. ;-P