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Blogging and Real Estate Are The Perfect Combination

Real Estate is like acting. You know what I mean. No matter what your day is like, or what is happening in your life, there are certain times that you just need to be on , be happy , play the partfake it!

You cant pick up your clients at the airport, for the start of 3 days of househunting, in 90 degree heat, and say, I have a terrible headache, my hot water heater died this morning, I know I look horrible, and this is about the last thing I want to be doing today. No, its, Welcome to Tampa. So, nice to meet you. You are going to love this city and I am going to find you the perfect neighborhood! By the end of the third day, you have made some new friends, found them the perfect neighborhood, dentist, babysitter, etc.. and found yourself a client for life.

It is all about engaging them being their total information source for everything they needed. Chatting about schools for their children, because you have three of your own. Chatting about great restaurants, or the local politics. Knowing the flood zones to keep them away from. Quizzing them about every aspect of their lives, so you find the perfect neighborhood match for them. Its about letting them into your life, so they let you into theirs.

Blogging gives me that same opportunity. I call it, Information infused with Personality . It allows my readers to connect with me, without ever having met me. I can reach hundreds of people at once, not just one at a time. I can reach buyers from Austria to Africa. Interesting content, lots of commentary and a bit of my sense of humor lets them see the person behind the Real Estate Agent.

Im an ENTJfocused, drivenI love a challenge. No, I NEED to be challenged. Writing about interesting and timely topics has infused my business with a renewed energy that, I admit, was starting to lag after 13 years in Real Estate. I needed an energy boost and blogging is it! Designing the site was so much fun! The first time I saw my pictures scrolling(that was Jims surprise to me!) across the page that I had painstakingly designed in my mind, I knew I was hooked and I couldnt wait to dive right in! The incredible response from the public and my clients is just what pushes me to write more, and more. Its just like that adrenaline rush from that first million dollar sale!

The response to my articles on Tax Reform tells me that people are just starved for not just information, but my opinion. My clients love my blog and send it on to all of their friends This is my Real Estate Agent, they boast And they call me Ms. Sizzlehow funny. When I was trying to decide between calling the site Real Estate Sizzle or Snazzy Digs I polled my clients and The Sizzle was born. I love the commentary aspect of bloggingengaging my audience and giving them more of what they want to read.

Occasionally, I will write something to see what kind of reaction I get, like my Got Balls, Play Westchase a local golf course with plenty of hazards where I lost a LOT of golf balls one day. I got quite a few comments on that, along with my bus bench placement in Would you put your face on a Bus Bench . It was clear from some of the comments that they didnt read the entire article and missed the funniest part! Blogging lets the audience see the accomplished professional has a sense of humor! If my personality is not a match for theirs, thats fine. Better to know that up front, before we are in a transaction together!

Blogging and Real Estate are the perfect blend for me right now I just need to figure out a way to work that house in Provence into the mix and then I willhave to blog about it en Francais!

So, Sizzle Readers, I like to hear from you. What topics do you want to read about? What statistics do you want to see?

I am getting ready to write MUCH more about tax reform and the upcoming referendum vote, so stay tuned for that! I’m working on some legislation to help my military clients who are deployed…more on that, too! In the mean time, drop me a comment and tell me what YOU would like to read about…

If you would like to receive new articles by email….you can do that here.

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3 responses to “Blogging and Real Estate Are The Perfect Combination”

  1. Denny Oh says:

    Hey Jackie,

    Great article…it’s helpful to read a more seasoned blogger. Talk to you soon.

  2. Jackie Colson-Miller says:

    Thanks Denny…I love your site…It makes me want to visit San Diego!

  3. Jackie- I feel as if I know you from all that you’ve written. I think reading someone’s blog shows an inside glimpse of a person’s heart and what they hold as important. It’s hard to fake it when you are writing several times a week. I would do business with you anytime.