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Archive for March, 2010


Congress Takes a Vacation and Leaves Flood Insurance and the National Real Estate Industry in Limbo…Is That an Economic Stimulus Package? Tampa Real Estate News

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If you are under contract to purchase a home which requires Flood Insurance, anytime between March 29, 2010 and April 12, 2010, you can forget about closing on time! Why?  Your elected representatives in Washington, have suspended the National Flood Insurance Program by failing to enact legislation which allows the program to continue! Where are they? On “hiatus”… which is a polite word for “vacation”. Off sunning themselves in the Caribbean, perhaps?? On a late spring ski trip to Colorado? Where “aren’t” they… is the question. They are NOT sitting in their seats in Congress and attempting to remedy this MESS that they created.  They left all of their constituents without any means to obtain Flood Insurance, which is required in the purchase of many homes throughout the US.   Your Congress tied the National Flood Insurance legislation to a piece of unemployment legislation that ended in a filibuster.  What??? For three days the Real Estate Industry has been reeling from the effects of this “idiotic and careless” move on the part of the Federal Government.  What does unemployment benefit legislation have to do with flood insurance? Nothing, unless you can count the increased number of unemployed workers who will be end the result of this “government bureaucracy” at work!!

All  homebuyers closing in the next two weeks, who need flood insurance,  are “left in the lurch” until Congress sees fit to “restore” the National Flood Insurance Program, perhaps on April 12.  How much more “government” can we stand???  How about no “hiatus” for our elected officials. How irresponsible can the US Government be to require every American to have health insurance and work through the night to pass THAT legislation, despite the objection from the majority of their constituents, yet, in the same month, leave homeowners without the ability to purchase flood insurance for more than two weeks.  How irresponsible of the US Government to  take a vacation, and further hurt the U.S. economy, by stopping hundreds of thousands of Real Estate transactions from taking place in the month of April.

How irresponsible of the American people for continuing to vote for the same, irresponsible actions, by the same irresponsible elected officials who continue to fail their constituents and hurt the ever-flailing US economy and workforce. How irresponsible of the mainstream media for failing to make  this “hiatus” on the part of the US Government and the economic consequences to hundreds of thousands of homebuyers and sellers front page news. This is a “disaster” of major proportions in the Real Estate Industry this month. What does the media talk about? The Final Four.

How much irresponsibility can we place on others, if we do not vote these irresponsible legislators out in November. As, for the media, don’t buy a newspaper, or watch a news channel that doesn’t report “real” news. 

Now, I’m off to explain to my buyers who have traveled over a thousand miles to buy their home, how THEIR elected officials have turned their lives, along with the lives of their three children, upside down…without warning, just because they CAN.  But, rest assured, I will also be sending them a link to their Congressman’s website and a link to the Hillsborough County Voter’s Registration site…so, they are ready for November!

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